• My top three goals when I came to Kristen were to get physically healthier, learn how to sustain healthy choices and physically feel better. Kristen helped me work toward these goals by consistently, clearly, and concisely explaining and teaching me about healthy food and lifestyle choices. She is incredibly smart and explains things in clear terms I could understand. She set forth attainable yet challenging goals, which were rewarding to meet and get on a winning streak. The biggest change I have noticed since working with Kristen has been the importance of how interrelated all the elements of being healthy are. I really learned how important it is to be thoughtful about what and why we eat and what we do. It has changed my choices for the better and I physically feel so much stronger and better because of her encouragement and leading. Kristen is very positive, intelligent, motivating, consistent, passionate and caring. (Did I mention she’s super smart?) I recommend my coach to everyone looking to make a sustained difference in their physical and emotional health. She is an amazing coach and I highly recommend her and know you will be very satisfied, just as I am. Thank you Kristen!

  • I began my work with Kristen trying to figure out why I suffered from chronic sinusitis and bronchial issues such as asthma for years. We also worked on eating the right foods for optimal health and worked to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Kristen believed I may have been suffering from bio-toxin illness due to my symptoms and helped me to find a Dr trained in the Shoemaker Protocol to address bio-toxin illness. I am currently working with Kristen as well as the Dr and am confident I can become well again now that I have the proper diagnosis, medications, and supplements. I’ve enjoyed Kristen’s numerous handouts with suggestions for healthy eating including many delicious recipes. The biggest change I’ve noticed since working with Kristen is I am eating healthy foods and walking every single day and I now wake up feeling more energized than I have felt in years! Kristen is passionate about helping others achieve their goal of a healthy lifestyle. She is extremely knowledgable about what foods we should be putting into our bodies and what ones we should be eliminating. I recommend her to anyone that wants to live a long and healthy life free from toxins and pain!

  • Kristen Blake transformed my life. I met her in April 2018 after recently ending my marriage, losing my dog, and dealing with a collection of health issues (e.g., Diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol). I was not in a good place. At the time, I was an undisciplined person and struggled to get motivated. Kristen changed that. She is thorough and holistic in her approach. After the first meeting I felt like she understood me and my challenges, and she helped empower me to make changes. She has a real positive energy and is very intuitive. For six months, Kristen worked with me to improve my health, diet, and exercise and was there assisting me every step of the way. But more than that, she restored my self-esteem. Her positivity is contagious! She truly taught me how to be an optimistic person and how to focus on the good in myself and others. Life changing stuff. I believe Kristen does this as a passion project and gets joy out of helping other people. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make a change in their life.

  • My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were Weight Loss, better food management and to figure out what was going on with my gut. My coach was able to help me work toward these goals by ____Consistent meetings & support through meetings, phone conversations, texts, emails, etc., easy and achievable nutrition and food charting, research for quality Dr’s & Naturopaths, setting MY goals/achievements and by being one of the greatest supports to me on multiple levels and through multiple ways. Could not have had the success without her, trust me, I tried for the past 4-5 years and got no where. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been _____My quality of life for my future is now high, the amount of resources to help me and my family have expanded emmensely and my weight went down by 20 lbs in first 3 months (part from Kristen’s small food changes and from her figuring out what was wrong with my gut and getting me to the right Dr’s to help solve/manage the issue of SIBO. I have never been overweight and was athletic throughout my life, but a few years ago, something changed and I could not keep my weight on track, nor did I feel great after many meals. My body had so much inflammation my skin was bad, my sleep was not good and I looked bloated and run down. Through her recommendations, we got my gut not only working again, but my weight down, moods better and my future is bright. Sounds cheesy, I know, but it is true...there Is No Kool Aid to drink, sometimes life throws us a curveball and we need help catching it. I feel great again and I know how to problem solve in case anything throws it off track. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been I am not a gal who diets, fasts, try fads or gimmicks and I eat pretty healthy. I thought I was gaining weight due to age, hormones, etc. but, it just wouldn’t come off and there were multiple other health issues happening as well. Kristen showed me how even though my food was healthy, it was out of balance and/or I was mixing a few wrong things together daily that did not work for MY system. After working with Kristen for just a few months, my weight dropped 13 lbs from fat and inflammation in the first month and a half alone. Then continued another 7 lbs the month and a half after that. Everything she has taught me, shown me and helped me figure out with her or professionals she found, I have maintained that weight los since last May 2017 and it was not hard to do and has led me to a full Organic lifestyle too for not just me, but my family as well. We are all seeing a difference in how we feel, etc. and yes, it was a change to our budget, but it has been worth it. Also, helping me figure out SIBO and a few food allergies/intolerances was HUGE for my body in healing.______________________ I would describe my coach as Smart as a whip, kind, compassionate, a wealth of knowledge, a problem solver, funny and could save the world from some of it”s problems with her incredible work ethic and research skills if she was not so busy helping all of us and raising a family. She is positive and gives you hope and when you have something go askew in your health, she jumps in to help, even if it is not at a “Scheduled Meeting” but you just need her.________________________ I would recommend my coach to Anyone! Especially those needing hope or feeling frustrated they have not found a solution or success. One thing I love about Kristen is she is open to both Eastern and Western Medicinces and approaches. She enjoys finding those solutions. There Is No “One size fits all” kind of solution for each of our unique bodies and genetic make ups, so she works hard to find a solution or keeps looking if she cannot until she does. She also tries many of her suggestions first to ensure the authenticity, that they work or that they are worth your money and time...I have yet to meet a Dr or Naturopath willing to do that! Other comments and feedback: I will miss her terribly, as I know someday, I will have to move on and let her help someone else. She has been a joy in my life and has become someone I can depend on, I trust, that is a great support to me and also, someone I enjoy spending time with and who I see is making this world a better place and that is hard to find in this current environment. She is focusing on the good out there and the research and science that will change our lives, our bodies, our souls and our world.

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