• My top three goals when I came to Kristen were to get physically healthier, learn how to sustain healthy choices and physically feel better. Kristen helped me work toward these goals by consistently, clearly, and concisely explaining and teaching me about healthy food and lifestyle choices. She is incredibly smart and explains things in clear terms I could understand. She set forth attainable yet challenging goals, which were rewarding to meet and get on a winning streak. The biggest change I have noticed since working with Kristen has been the importance of how interrelated all the elements of being healthy are. I really learned how important it is to be thoughtful about what and why we eat and what we do. It has changed my choices for the better and I physically feel so much stronger and better because of her encouragement and leading. Kristen is very positive, intelligent, motivating, consistent, passionate and caring. (Did I mention she’s super smart?) I recommend my coach to everyone looking to make a sustained difference in their physical and emotional health. She is an amazing coach and I highly recommend her and know you will be very satisfied, just as I am. Thank you Kristen!

  • I began my work with Kristen trying to figure out why I suffered from chronic sinusitis and bronchial issues such as asthma for years. We also worked on eating the right foods for optimal health and worked to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Kristen believed I may have been suffering from bio-toxin illness due to my symptoms and helped me to find a Dr trained in the Shoemaker Protocol to address bio-toxin illness. I am currently working with Kristen as well as the Dr and am confident I can become well again now that I have the proper diagnosis, medications, and supplements. I’ve enjoyed Kristen’s numerous handouts with suggestions for healthy eating including many delicious recipes. The biggest change I’ve noticed since working with Kristen is I am eating healthy foods and walking every single day and I now wake up feeling more energized than I have felt in years! Kristen is passionate about helping others achieve their goal of a healthy lifestyle. She is extremely knowledgable about what foods we should be putting into our bodies and what ones we should be eliminating. I recommend her to anyone that wants to live a long and healthy life free from toxins and pain!

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