The 6 Month Program
“Completely Transformed”

This package is designed to completely change your life and health for the better. We will take our time creating lasting, life long change through behavior modification, diet and lifestyle changes and fitness implementation, supplementation, sleep training and more. Together, we will come up with your goals and develop a foolproof plan to achieve them.

We will spend time overhauling your nutrition, complete with extensive education, handouts, meal plans and recipes. We will work together to create balance in your life and find what works for you, and what doesn’t. You and your home will receive a “makeover” from the inside out. Additionally, we will clean out your pantry, go through your cleaning supplies, examine your personal care items and more to ensure you and your family can thrive in a healthy happy and toxin free environment. This package includes an hour for our initial meeting followed by bi-monthly 50 minute sessions. It also includes educational handouts and supports, unlimited email support, advice, and check ins as well as multiple home visits to work on home toxicity.

The program is purposely lengthy to allow for any and all possible difficulties that arise in your life, with me still working side by side with you to address them. For example you may get the hang of healthy eating in September, but if our work was to end there you wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn how to navigate social and emotional eating stressors that arise during the holidays. Inevitably challenges will arise in your health, and with a 6 month program, you are assured that I will be there to coach you through those challenges, whatever they may be.

The 3 Month Program
“Optimize Health”

This package is a miniature, accelerated version of the 6 month package. We will dive into areas of health and wellness that are customized to your individual needs and goals including but not limited to: toxins in the home and the environment, meal plans, nutritional education, assistance easing stress, finding balance, optimizing sleep and more. This package includes an hour for our initial meeting followed by bi-monthly 50 minute sessions, unlimited email support, and a single home visit as well.

The 1 Month Program
“Jumpstart to Health”

This package includes 4 weekly 50 minute one on one coaching sessions, unlimited check ins via email, a complete plan customized to your goals (ex: if the desired goal is to lose 10 pounds you will be given a detailed meal plan complete with recipes and advice), and handouts customized to your goal. This is not recommended for complex cases with unknown causes for disease, but is best for a quick tweak of nutrition and behavior modification.

Juice Cleanse Pro

For those who want step by step guidance on how to get the most from their juice cleanse. This package starts with a 50 minute health history consultation to better understand your needs and is followed by a 50 minute session where you’ll learn how to eat leading up to the cleanse, which level cleanse is right for you, how to enhance your body’s natural detox during the cleanse, tips and tweaks to help you sail through the cleanse, as well as post cleanse eating advice. With Kristen’s guidance you’ll be able to not only survive the juice cleanse, but thrive, and come out on the other side feeling less bloated, more energetic, thinner and overall AMAZING.

I’ve partnered with Renew Juice Co in West Linn to design my own line of incredibly nutrient dense juices, smoothies and bowls to help you on your journey to optimal health! Check it out here: 

Juice Cleanse Mini

This is an abbreviated form of the juice cleanse pro. It consists of one 50 minute meeting where we will go over your health concerns, customize a cleanse to your needs, and arm you with all the do’s and don’ts of easing into a cleanse, successfully completing a cleanse, and easing out as well! You’ll leave with plenty of handouts, referrals, and info to help you sail through the cleanse!

A La Carte
Single Coaching Session

Single coaching sessions are one hour and although they’re not optimal for best results, they are available if you have a small problem to solve, or just want to pick my brain!

Shopping Excursion
1 Hour Long

On our outing I will teach you the ins and outs of healthy, smart, shopping like which oils are best for heating to high temperatures for frying or baking, and which is the best in dressings. The difference between cold pressed oils and regular, filtered and unfiltered. I’ll show you how to read labels and gift you a complete label analysis sheet to bring with you on future shopping trips. No need to memorize all 57 names for sugar, I’ll include that with all the other sneaky hidden names for foods to be on the lookout for.

**limited availability upon request for pro bono and sliding scale clients

Why have a health coach?

  • The current medical system addresses acute illness only. Most people are too busy to focus on preventative health and instead inadvertantly wait until they are struck with a disease or disorder, then wind up taking a pill to treat the symptoms of the disease.  Health coaches focus their practice on avoiding that exact senario. A health coach’s goal is to optimize the clients health so they can stay healthy, even with aging.
  • A health coach will help guide you and will customize a plan to fit your needs. They will hold you accountable and help you follow through on your intentions. If you stumble, they will help pick you up, find out why you stumbled, and smooth out the road going forward.
  • The internet is a wonderful thing, full of amazing information, but it can be incredibly overwhelming. A health coach can help you distill down the facts and help you find what works for you, instead of what worked for someone else, in a study somewhere.


When booking your first appointment with me, please select health history. All other appointments will be booked as a 50 minute session. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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