The Perfect Bulletproof Coffee – Beyond the Butter

Bulletproof coffee hit the scene when Dave Asprey, founder of the Bulletproof empire, first posted it to his blog in 2009 and it’s gained a cult like following ever since. Why? Because it really truly does work. By work I mean it: increases your energy, sustains higher energy levels with no crash, produces ketones for your body to use as fuel and satiates hunger.

It all began when a freezing cold and exhausted Dave was offered tea chock full of yak butter by monks he encountered hiking in Tibet. It supposedly gave him the best energy boost one could imagine so when he returned home he began experimenting with adding grass fed butter to his own coffee. “Bulletproof coffee” has since evolved into somewhat of an art form over the years and I’d like to tell you all the little secrets and intricacies so you can rock your own bulletproof coffee today!

Step 1:  

First we need to start with…wait for it….the COFFEE part of the bulletproof coffee! Shockingly this part is often overlooked in bulletproof coffee discussions. Most people jump right to the coconut oil or superfood powders they add in, and that my friends is a huge mistake. Most coffee is full of mold and other toxins, and in the pursuit of optimal health, why on earth would you start your day by putting that in your body?!

Dave Asprey, the original “creator” of bulletproof coffee sells coffee that has been grown on an organic farm and is processed right after picking using only clean cold water, a more expensive process, but necessary to ensure no mold or bacteria grows on the beans. I have personally been to a coffee farm in Guatemala, where many of the world’s beans come from, and I can tell you I saw firsthand fields of beans sitting out in the sun to dry, as is common practice with coffee beans. This method allows for mold and bacteria growth however and like I said, why would you want to start your day off that way? Bulletproof coffee is the ONLY coffee I will drink. French press, drip, cappuccino machine, whatever you want, I don’t care, just use good quality water that has been through a filter of some sort.

Step 2: 

Next we get to the main event – the fat! The most common options are grass fed butter, coconut oil, MCT oil, or my personal favorite Brain Octane oil. Brain Octane oil is essentially the most “potent” form of medium chain triglycerides available, raising ketones four times higher than coconut oil alone. If you’re interested in learned about the carbon chain that makes up different lengths and types of MCTs you can read more here:

If not, keep following along with me and listen up. This part is really important: as long as you aren’t ALSO loading up on carbs, don’t be afraid to load up the fat. Hopefully you’re aware of all the current research debunking the myth that fat makes you fat (spoiler alert – sugar makes you fat, fat is healthy and necessary for every cell in our body to function) so don’t be afraid to go for it. Adding fat to your coffee sounds odd at first but this is the key to achieving all the benefits touted by Bulletproof enthusiasts everywhere.

Step 3: 

You can absolutely stop here and get the full benefits of the originally designed bulletproof coffee but if you want to keep going, now it’s time for the fun extras. I like to add collagen powder to my coffee for a little protein boost (and collagen is great for your skin, hair, nails and joints) and I use….you guessed it….Bulletproof Collagen powder because it comes from happy healthy pasture raised cows.

Do NOT. I repeat do NOT add sugar to your coffee. You’ll completely destroy all of it’s benefits by causing a blood sugar spike (and subsequent blood sugar crash), not to mention contributing to insulin resistance and weight gain. If you need something sweet try Stevia. It’s one of the only sweeteners out there that doesn’t cause problems for those following FODMAP diet, SCD diet, AIP, Paleo, and many more. I use Sweatleaf, because my local grocery store carries it but whatever you chose make sure it is raw and PURE stevia, NOT a blend. This isn’t a place to try to save money. The pure brands might cost more but they last FOREVER because they are so potent and sweet you only need one tiny drop in each cup of coffee.

You can also add some spices in like cinnamon or nutmeg. Once again I often reach for yet another Bulletproof product, VanillaMax (because it is also certified organic and mold free), but feel free to reach for whatever spice floats your boat. While we’re on the topic of vanilla, please don’t ever put imitation vanilla in anything, it’s made from beaver’s anus and if that’s not the grossest thing you’ve heard all day you have a problem. Again, whatever vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc you use be sure it is organic and free of mold. Spices are notorious for harboring mold and toxins unfortunately so be sure to vet your brand well and store them in a cool dry environment so they don’t GROW mold once you’ve began using them.

Step 4: 

Now that you’ve put everything you want in the coffee you need to BLEND IT TO DEATH! I put mine in my vitamix but an immersion blender works great too. If you try to just stir it you’ll end up with an oily greasy mess. Gross. Blending it will completely emulsify the mixture into a frothy hot cup of creamy goodness that will honestly rival any latte you’ve had to date. But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself today – and let me know what you think! Purchase this easily off of Amazon with the link on my Recommendations page.

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